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Image archive about horses and equestrian sports - General information

Welcome to this site!
Being a professional horse photographer from Germany I offer equestrian images of outstanding quality for editorial and commercial use. Up to now editors from more than 15 countries all over the world have choosen to use my pictures in their publications. I would be glad if you will join them.
You can search in an online database currently containing more than 8000 images, the number is growing each month.
  • Top class horse photos of many breeds
  • Emotional pictures or full of actions
  • Horses in the field, portraits and behaviour of horses
  • Dressage riding - show jumping - cross country riding - leisure riding - horses drawing a coach - vaulting and much more (But you will not find high-performance sport pictures here!)
    Please note that currently you will find only a limited choice of western riding pictures here!
  • Education of horse and rider - "Woman and horses" - Around horse stables - Equipment for horse and rider
  • And you will find an exceptional wide selection on these subjects:
    Connemara ponies, Islandic horsee, Norwegian Fjord horses, Paso Fino horses, Photos in winter, spare time riding
  • Quality instead of quantity! - Just a tight selection of the best shots is included in the online archive.
  • Model releases are available for most of the pictures!
  • Online databse offering advanced search capabilities
  • Light boxes for registered users
  • Immediate download of high resolution image files by agreement
You may also license and download most of my stock images from the Photoshelter archive.
Customers of "Alamy Images" stock archive will also find a subset of my images there.
Use this link to search my images on Alamy.

Help on using the database

You will find detailed information about using the search options and other functions of this image database. Most of the functionality should be self-explanatory. However in case something does not work as you expected you hopefully will find the answer here.


In order to use all the functionality of this site you must register yourself. You will find a link for registering at Image search.
These functions are available for registered users only:
* Lightbox
* Download of high resolution image files.

Searching images

You will find a wide variety of categories and other search criterias which you may combine according to your needs. Please take care not select impossible combinations. When JavaScript is turned on in your web browser many impossible selections will already be prohibited by the software. You will than see disabled search boxes. Please use the "Reset" button to reset all search boxes.
Category "Miscellaneous - Riding gear":
When selecting this entry you will get images focused on riding equipment. Some pictures show riders on back of a horse others are without a horse of studio shots.
Selection "Season":
Seasons are assigned only to pictures typical for the season. So use this option carefully please!
Selection "Equipment for horse & rider":
Riding gear for horse and rider. Depending on your other selections you may find product photos as well as riding images with the specified equipment in use.
There are two identical selection boxes, so you may select up to two equipments pieces.


As a registered and logged in customer you will find the button "Lightbox" in the details view of each image. Herewith you may put this image into (or remove from ) your personal light box.

High resolution image files

Customers without a user account please order the required image files by email. (
Registered user which have been given download permission may download hires image files with just one mouse click. The details view of an image will show a download link for this purpose. Downloading an image is free of charge and you will have to pay for the image only according to the use.
Usually the jpeg image files have a size of least DIN A4 (at 300dpi) and a compressed file size of 1..5 Megabytes.

Of course you may also get optimized image files by email or on cdrom. This may be the best solution in these cases:
- You need a large quantity of images
- You do not have a fast internet access
- You need the very best image quality for print size of DIN A3 and above

Generally you get high resolution files according to these specifications:
  • By email, ftp or on cdrom
  • JPEG or TIFF, 24bit RGB (on special request as 48bit RGB TIFF)
  • AdobeRGB color space (on request sRGB or eciRGB is also available)
  • Meta data embedded according to IPTC and XMP standards.
Not all images are suitable for poster size prints. However in most cases much smaller print sizes are needed only. So for each image a maximal printable size is specified which is a guide number only depending on type of use.
In case you need special layout files you may get them by email. Usually you may get a copy of the model release when required.


Currently no standard pricelist is available for international customers. Please ask for a quote for your specific use.
About 800 images from my equestrian image archive can be bought as "royalty free images". These images are marked accordingly and you have the option to search for rf images only. Prices for rf images depend on the image size only and are available on request.

Exclusive usage rights

Customers (especially for commercial use) sometimes require some sort of exclusive licenses. Many of my images are also distributed by picture agencies so exlusive rights are not available for all images.
Therefore you will find information about the possibility of exclusive use in the details view of each image. (When there is no such information for a specific picture please ask!) You may also restrict you search for images with exclusivity available by clicking the corresponding box. Please keep in mind that for an exclusive license an extra fee of 50..100 % will be charged!